Why Do a Custom Glass Bottle or Jar Design?

We get asked this question a lot as the logic is, "Why not just use the least expensive bottle in the marketplace?" Our answer is it all depends if you want your bottle to be the “white noise” that no one pays attention to as they walk down the liquor aisle in their local supermarket, or do you actually want to stand out and grab their attention.

Half-way To Your Shopping Cart!

This is our argument for everyone when it comes to a good looking custom bottle. If you can get someone to physically pick up your bottle because of its design, then you are 85% of the way to their shopping cart. Isn’t that better than a bottle no one ever notices?

Even the wine brands know this and they are stuck with the same bottle, so what do they do?
They create crazy names to catch your attention and make you pick up the bottle or chuckle at the name like “Fat Bastard”, “Mad Wife”, ‘Barefoot”, “Naked Wine”, “Middle Sister”, or “Mommy’s Timeout”.

Can you do this with a spirit brand? Sure you can, but people expect more from a spirit brand because even the least expensive spirit brand is 2 to 4 times the cost of an inexpensive wine. Plus you are in a section of the aisle with plenty of custom bottles and some very unique designs, so you need to stand out.

Don't need a Crazy Design

You can do a very simple design that can be both elegant and inexpensive. A perfect example of this is the “Ciroc Vodka” brand bottle. It looks gorgeous, definitely grabs your attention, yet it is not an expensive bottle to produce. Another example is the “Sky Vodka” bottle, which again is not a terribly expensive bottle to make, yet the blue color catches your attention. “Effen Vodka” has a great name and simple packaging and an example of another one that catches your eye. We could go on and on with examples, but encourage you to just take a walk down the liquor aisle of your local supermarket and see which bottles catch your attention and why? The key is to come up with an eye-catching bottle design without breaking the bank, and it’s easier than you might think.

How Difficult Is It To Make A Custom Bottle?

It actually quite easy to make your own bottle with your own design  and without spending a fortune. If you click on the link “Making A Custom Bottle Is Not Rocket Science”  you can see all we need is a simple sketch from you, or your graphic artist, and we will do all the engineering for you for as little as $300. We have had people give us designs on a napkin or slip of paper and they were opening a full production tool within 10 days.

Does Embossing (or raising) My Logo In the Glass Make the Bottle More Expensive?

That’s the beauty of a custom mold. The things like having your logo or name raised out of the glass does not cost you a penny more.

Should I Do Decoration In China?

It really depends on the decoration. If you are doing a paper or plastic label then I would say no, as these are about the same prices in China as they are here. However, if you want to do a nice silk-screened logo (like a Grey Goose) or any other form of baked on logo, then you can easily save 30-40% by having this done in China.

How Much Does A Tool Cost?

You can do a sample tool for as little as $999 and then apply this to full set of production tools for only $3,000 more, and this does not matter if your bottle is 50ml all the way up to 1.75L. Many times a customer will make a sample tool of their own design so that they can get the exact feel of what it will look like on the shelf.

Why Are The Minimum Order Requirements So High?

This is the one area people get confused about all the time, so let us explain it in detail. For a 750ml bottle the minimum order a factory will do is one 40' Container, which holds about 22,000 to 25,000 bottles.

The reason for this is typically on a production line they will have 6 tools or molds which they need to get up to temperature. This allows them to put your tools on the production line on a Friday evening and start to heat them up to temperature by using molten glass, as well as fine-tuning exactly how many grams of glass to add to the mold and how long to let the glass to cool down in a 60' long oven after it comes out of the tool or mold. Just like metal that you see a welder dip in water to harden it, glass has a similar process whereby you put the bottle into an oven or lier to cool down slowly to make sure it is strong.

In the end, they have created a recipe for your bottle. From the thickness of glass to the time in the tool and the cooldown rate in the oven. All of this can take a day or two to dial in, and while they are doing this they are constantly making bottles to test. Over a period of 24-48 hours of dialing in the recipe for your custom bottle, they will throw away 3,000 to 5,000 bottles. When they are ready to start actual production of your bottle they want to do at least one container of just 22,000 bottles which will only take a matter of hours. As you can see they want to make sure they cover their cost for scrap and labor. Now you can understand why they would not want to make just 1,000 to 2,000 bottles if they spent 2 days dialing in your tools and scrapping 5,000 bottles.

So What is The Timeline To make a Custom Bottle?

Your Drawings Are Engineered By us In 2D or 3D Engineering: 7-10 Days

Sample or Production Tooling: 30 Days after approval of drawings

Actual Production Of One Container of Glass: 30 Days

Travel Time From China To: West Coast in 18 Days, or East Coast in about 30 days

Basically we could go from your simple sketch to a custom bottle in your hand in as little as 90 days.

As stated above, it's easy and inexpensive to create your very own custom designed bottle in China for very little cost.