FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do You Make Custom Glass Bottles?

Yes! Designing and Manufacturing custom glass bottles is our specialty! We work with entrepreneurs looking to start up their very own liquor brand, to fortune 500 companies looking to minimize product cost.

Can I purchase pre-designed bottles?

Although most of our customers choose to go with a truly custom designed bottle they have had part in creating, occasionally we do assist customers requesting a pre-designed bottle. You can see a handful of bottles that are pre-designed in our Stock Glass Gallery.

Can I copy someone else’s design?

We would not personally do it, and I would never recommend this since many designs in the marketplace especially the custom looking bottles have either a copyright, or design patent and you will only get into trouble later when you have already wasted money in tooling and production. Since it costs nothing extra to do your own design why waste the time coping someone else’s

What is the highest grade of glass (or Flint)?

“Super Flint” is the highest grade of all glass, it has various names like “Crystal Flint” but what sets this glass apart from all other glass is its clarity and brightness. Nearly all high end Brandies, Cognacs, Gins, and even Vodkas will use this type of glass. This is a grade of glass we are very familiar with, because customers want this type of glass for their bottles.

What Is The Minimum Order I Need To Place?

This is the one area people get confused about all the time, so let me explain it in detail. For a 750ml Bottle the minimum order a factory will do is one 40' Container which holds about 22,000 to 25,000 bottles. Now you may think this is crazy when you only need a couple of thousand to launch your brand.

Here is the reason they need this. Typically on a production line they will have 6 tools or molds which they need to get up to temperature, so they will put your tools on the production line on a Friday evening and start to get them up to temperature by using molten glass, as well as fine-tuning exactly how many grams of glass to add to the mold and how long to let the glass to cool down in a 60' long oven after it comes out of the tool or mold. Just like metal that you see a welder dip in water to harden it, glass has a similar process whereby you put the bottle into an oven or lier to cool down slowly to make sure it is strong.

Basically, in the end, they have created a recipe for your bottle, from the thickness of glass to the time in the tool to the cooldown rate in the oven. All of this can take a day or two to dial in and while they are doing this they are constantly making bottles to test. So over a period of 24-48 hours of dialing in the recipe for your custom bottle, they will throw away 3,000 to 5,000 bottles. So when they are ready to start actual production of your bottle they want to do at least one container of just 22,000 bottles which will only take a matter of hours. So as you can see they want to make sure they cover their cost for scrap and labor. So now you understand why they would not want to make just 1,000 to 2,000 bottles if they have spent 2 days dialing in your tools and scrapping 5,000 bottles.

Should I do my Decoration/Labeling in China?

Each bottle decoration/ label is unique, and for the best answer to this question, we would always recommend to simply give us a call so we can advise you of the most cost-effective way for you.
For Example: If you are doing a paper or plastic label, then I would say no as the pricing in the USA, and China are very similar. However, if you want to do a silkscreened or baked on logo then China is definitely the way to go saving as much as 40-60% having this done in China

Do They Use Lead in The Bottles Or Decoration?

This is probably the most common question we get as a result of a big problem years ago with a toy manufacturer who had lead in their paint. Ever since this incident, the Chinese government has come down hard on any company using lead. Some glass bottle companies will tell you lead is no big deal especially if it is on the outside of the bottle, but it is a big deal so you need to make sure you know who you are dealing with. 
We can assure you that all of our glass and decoration meets all USA guidelines, and we even take it one step further by providing a “Health Certificates” and or an “FDA Certificates” from an independent lab with each shipment.

How Do You Deal With Defective Bottles, and Who Does Quality Control?

This is where we are very different than most US companies that do business in China, in that we have our own full time engineering and quality control staff in both our Shanghai and Shenzhen offices. The whole purpose to having our own staff in China is to catch the problem in China not LA or NY. We have a quality assurance guarantee to make sure that our customer satisfaction is always 100 percent.

Do I Need To Wash The Bottles Prior To Filling?

The pat answer would be Yes, but we know for a fact that over 50% of distilleries do not wash bottles at all, and the most common way they clean them for dust is to blow air into them and use a vacuum system to suck out any particulates. This is why we pack the way we do and use shrink wrap since we know washing is not as common as we would like.

Do You make Closures?

Yes we do a variety of both custom and standard closures from screw top to cork tops. We will be happy to help you design your very own custom top for your custom bottle.