A truly inspired design will show the creativity of your custom glass bottle. Thinking outside of the box and coming up with an idea that is truly original can be easy. Look for inspiration everywhere you go. It is truly all around us. From beautiful architecture such as the Sydney Oprah house to one of the newest buildings in New York, the Freedom Tower. Even a WWII Canteen or a clay molded Rastafarian headed bottle, your inspiration can be brought to life with our design team. As you see by the examples below, we work with everyone from major Advertising and Marketing Agencies to guys coming up with an idea on their kitchen table. Ultimately, you want a bottle that will grab people's attention and make them want to take a closer look at your bottle. Give us a try and we will manufacture the glass bottle of your dreams. To see how we do it, "Click Here"

PISCO PORTON (Peruvian Brandy)

For this design, we worked very closely with Pisco Porton's consultants, Brand Action Team, and Hughes Design Group to take their renderings and drawings and create a fully engineered 3D model. Then, we did multiple sample versions of this bottle until they settled on the perfect design. We were also able to engineer a beautiful top to compliment the bottle to create "A Work of Art". This brand is now sold all over the world in this world class bottle.


This is truly an inspired design. Crispin Porter + Bogusky brought us this wonderful design taken from a WWII canteen bottle. They also wanted an aluminum top to compliment the bottle to give it an authentic look and feel of the canteen. We worked closely with their design team and made multiple prototypes until their customer was completely satisfied with this exciting new design. This is currently sold here in the USA and as you see, they were really thinking outside the box on this one. For them, we were able to make it a reality.


This is a design done by one of our own people after watching his nephews and nieces do shots of tequila at a family get together. He wondered if there would be a market for a bottle with a cork that doubles as a shot glass. We once again started with 3D renderings based on the bottle being an upside down shot glass and the top or cork being an upright shot glass. Perfect for any shot-style of product.



Once again we worked closely with the customers' marketing agency in Australia, as they had already done sketches and renderings, but they needed the engineering done to see if the renderings were even possible. As you can see by the finished bottle on the right, this is truly a beautifully designed bottle that would make anyone proud to own and show off to their friends. As we tell our clients, if the retail customer takes a bottle off the shelf to just look at it then you are already halfway to their shopping cart


For this design, the customer had a graphic artist create this simple sketch of a Rastafarian. But as you see by the complexity of the design, this would not be a simple 3D engineering task. After running by the various ways to do this with the customer, we suggested that he hire an artist to take his sketch and do a clay molded miniature of the Rastafarian head, which we could then laser scan into our program and then scale it up from the miniature to a workable 750ml bottle. As you see, the final design will stand out on the shelves and everyone will want to own one or give it as a gift. 

EMPIRE BOTTLE (Inspired by the Freedom Tower)

Nothing is out of the realm for a new bottle idea. This customer came to us with some rough sketches based on the Freedom Tower. We took those sketches and started the 3D Engineering until we got the exact look and feel he was trying to get to. This was certainly not an easy one to do because there are multiple facets on the main four sides of the bottle. But as you see by the finished bottle, no one will have a problem of discerning what the owners' intentions were and this will surely become a collectors bottle.


This design started with some basic sketches, which we in turn engineered into a 3D model so they could make adjustments for each area of the body. We recently brought this bottle to a trade show and we were amazed how people gravitated to this bottle while there were several other wonderful designs on the same shelf. We are all hoping this translates into sales for this customer. From the design you can see it is a very unique tequila bottle.