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With over 50 years of combined experience in manufacturing glass bottles in China, we take the mystery out of glass making. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or Fortune 500 company, we can help you determine if having your custom glass bottles manufactured in China will be cost effective for your business. We can also decorate your bottles in a variety of colors and materials using a silkscreen process that is baked on at a high temperature, ensuring it will never come off.

Quality Control

Many companies, both here in the US and Europe, will tell you they can get you custom made glass bottles in China. Yet none of them will have a full-time QC & engineering staff at the factory at all times. We even have a final QC department in our Los Angeles office to make one final check before we ship to your distillery. China is emerging as the glass bottle manufacturing hub for the world as individuals and companies seek to improve or sustain high-quality custom glass products with the lowest possible investment.




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Production Tool Lead Time


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Arrival Of Shipment in USA

Production tooling will start after engineering drawings are signed off. Engineering typically takes 7-10 working days

How we became the largest manufacturer of custom glass

Almost daily we get questioned on how we have come up with such unique designs for our glass liquor bottles. To be honest, even though we work with many designers around the world, it always starts with the owners vision and sometimes we start out with nothing more than a simple pencil sketch which our designers then take and finish the designing and engineering based on the customer vision. We then do 3D designs, which we then go back and fourth with the customer until they are 100% happy.

We started out doing business in China in 1973, designing a multitude of different products for the premium and promotions business. Even when we were designing everything from clock radios to telephones we always used the very same approach which was to start with the customer's vision for their design, and what they wanted to achieve in the marketplace. At the time we were also working with several key players in the liquor industry doing everything from VAPs (value Added packaging) to shakers, openers, and cocktail glasses. We then were asked why we were only make the drinking glasses when we should also start making and designing the actual bottles themselves. So it all began, over 20 years ago.

How we became the premier bottle design specialist

We now have over 20 years of designing custom glass bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes as you can see on our site. We can not even show you all of our designs due to confidentiality clauses which we will be happy to sign for your bottle as well. We really do believe that every bottle design is truly a “work of art” and we really do want to make every bottle a “reality”, but we also want to make sure this is a cost-effective reality for our customers by showing them the different ways we can reduce the cost in the design phase. We have all kinds of clients from billionaires to guys working out of the trunk of their car, and we want to make sure that we can save them money every step of the way.  Many times a customer will have a unique top or design that is not cost effective to make based on the initial concept, and even though we could still make it, we will not do it. Instead we show the customer how to save money by doing a slight design change, or in the case of a top maybe a material change from say metal to wood, or glass saving them a fortune. Ultimately, their success is our success. That is why we will show them how to save money on the little things that all add up. This is what separates our designers and engineers from everyone else in the industry, and why our clients refer us again and again to their friends. We can do all of this for as little as $300.00 so please call or email us your idea.

How can we do all of this for such a low price?

The reason we can do all of this is because we fully understand how competitive the marketplace is in both the US and Europe and we know from doing such a vast array of products, over the last 40 years, that the first step to a cost competitive bottle starts with the bottle design and engineering phase. If we can save you $0.50 on your bottle cost, that can translate into $2.00 in retail savings. If we did not do this it would hurt your sales, and our chances of getting a re-order. So we need to make sure you start out with not only the best design and look, but also the best possible price just to give you a running start. We can do all of this because we have been in this industry longer than most of our competitors combined and because we see the ones that have succeeded and failed. We make sure our customers have the best fighting chance of being successful, and that starts with having a cost effective designed bottle.

We guarantee that if you do not like our design you never have to pay a penny as it all starts with you.


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